Understanding Kaizen and 5S : Japan’s widely acclaimed Key to Competitive success

This Article covers understanding what Kaizen and 5S basically mean, how and when they are supposed to be practiced, how they are instrumental in the success of an organisation and the importance this receives from the management. After going through this, you might feel that it is very basic and similar to its other English counterparts but on further dissection it would be clear that these are simply varied derivations of each other.


Social Entrepreneurship, Core Competencies and Co-Creation

The world has shown us great Entrepreneurial examples and has also shown us that passion, attitude and capital are not the only requirements for setting up a successful venture. Among the additional requirements is getting your basics right. One needs to know precisely their goal, their strength. As such a clear cut idea is needed about the basic terms ‘Core competencies’ and ‘co-creation’ which are often misunderstood. Also with the slight shift of focus in entrepreneurship, ‘inclusive capitalism’ and ‘fortune at the bottom of the pyramid have become an indispensable part of the vocabulary of management gurus, writers, CEOs and students.