Here’s how to bypass long queues at the SPJIMR Mess

Takes a lot of motivation to head to the mess for lunch? Lose all of it the moment you see the endless queue? Next time, try this when you head to the mess –   Bypass the queue and head straight to the Kitchen. Inquire if they have ‘Jain Thali’ prepared. If they say ‘YES’, time…



Login into SPJIMR WiFi Network using iOS Devices

Here’s how you can access SPJIMR wifi network using iOS devices belonging to you. All you need is Google chrome, and the password to the network. Then, just follow this procedure! The procedure essentially requires you to disable Auto-login setting for your wireless network and disable pop-up blocker for your browser on the iOS devices.…



‘Connectify’ your way to wireless internet at SPJIMR campus

When it comes to accessing internet, it’s always more comfortable to have a wireless connection, be it 3G/4G or our closest WiFi. But what happens when, you don’t have WiFi hardware around you to keep you online all the time?? :O Use LAN!? Naaaah! Luckily though, there are some really good software which can host WiFi…