The Reality behind “Hostel Late Coming Fine”

We had lived under the impression that reaching campus later than the curfew time of 12AM meant deduction of fine directly from our security deposit. But, looking back at the fees breakup you received at admission, you will realise we didn’t have a refundable security deposit anyway. So the fine would not be deducted from…


The Sad & Subjective Nature of Special Field Exam a.k.a Compre 2nd Year

Your guess is right and sadly the Special Field Exam, which is also the last exam you have to write at SPJIMR, is essentially a Subjective Paper where you have to apply concepts you learnt during the third semester (core specialisation) of your study. Each of the specs had a mix of Objective and Subjective Questions. To…


Connecting to SPJIMR network on Windows 7

[How to] Establish connection with SPJIMR WiFi Network on Windows 7

The SPJIMR WiFi network requires special authentication settings for a successful connection. While Windows 8, and later, has no problems establishing connection automatically, older version of Windows OS fails to establish connection. But all it requires is a simple network reconfiguration to set things in place. Here’s what you need to do… Download this ZIP…


Connecting to the SPJIMR WiFi network using your mobile devices

Phew! So it’s finally time that our entire campus is WiFi enabled. Apart from letting us use Laptops in every corner of the college without hassles, it has also made it easier for us to connect our mobile devices to the network. Available… but is it worth it? Here’s what I have gathered from my…



Tweet your way to Collaborative Learning #spjsm

Collaborating with your ideas, thoughts, plans has never been easier before. The easiest one being, starting a stream of information with a common hashtag. Tweet your way to collaborative learning! – We sincerely believe collaborative learning is the ultimate way of learning. It let’s you share what you already know, and which might also be…