3 Tips to Making Meetings Effective and The One Minute Manager

If you have read the book ‘The One Minute Manager’, you would know why it was an instant bestseller. Easy to understand, Simple rules, nicely illustrated and a parable style story. If you come across any summary of that book, you would realize that these do not specifically mention the effectiveness of meetings. This post here is about the importance of both of these. Go ahead give it a read and let me know what you think about it.


Understanding Kaizen and 5S : Japan’s widely acclaimed Key to Competitive success

This Article covers understanding what Kaizen and 5S basically mean, how and when they are supposed to be practiced, how they are instrumental in the success of an organisation and the importance this receives from the management. After going through this, you might feel that it is very basic and similar to its other English counterparts but on further dissection it would be clear that these are simply varied derivations of each other.