Capturing the last mile to dissolve channel conflict: Retailers and e-Commerce

Like captured in the other article ‘Channel Conflict now evolving into Channel Collaboration in e-commerce industry‘, there is a constant progression towards turning channel conflict into channel collaboration. While, the above article illustrated how distributors and wholesellers are now partners in progress, the retailers were seen as left out of the plan. However, the latest…


Revelations at Gym

Yes, i finally gave a shot to gym. Here’s what I learnt : It’s true, they know how to extract more money from you, than were prepared for, and also subscribe you for a longer duration as compared to what you originally thought of. You need to have a clear goal in mind e.g. Fitness –…


When moving into your next apartment, choose the one where you will feel relaxed and comforted when you come back home. Choose it in a locality where you can develop a good network to further your development in career and life.

There are no two words in the English language more harmful than “good job”

-Terence Fletcher’s remark in Whiplash (2014)