The N8 that costs less than 5000 bucks

Bangalore, India: ‘Arey bhaiya! Jara suno… achha Hiindi samajhte ho?? ’, called out a guy walking behind us. ‘haan bolo’ ‘Wo kya hai, mere paas ek naya phone hai, bill bhi hai, ap loge kya? N8 hai.. bilkul naya… saste mein de dunga’, he said. ‘kyun bechna hai?’ ‘who saab, paise ki zaroorat thi…’ ‘to liya…


Premium Economy Class – The Next Trend?

A few years back, Deccan Airways had set a trend when they stopped serving food in their flights to make flying affordable for the common man. Soon after that, most domestic carriers dumped the business class seats to make flying more economical. Now, Indigo Airlines has tried to bring back the premium seats for no additional cost (to them). Will it become a trend? I hope not.


Feeling cheated?

An average saturday morning in Bangalore. Too boring eh? The following made this average day a not-so-boring day and pushed me to smatter some bits of it here. I had appreciated the people of Bangalore in my previous post. Here comes my not-so-good experience in the same city.