When I started blogging, I believed:

It won’t be difficult to get people interested in what i wrote about, as long as the content was good. Whenever these people will search for something I already have, the search engines will simply send them here. They’re likely to like what I offer and will keep coming back!


Barely did I know that, unless lucky, it was going to need a lot of hard work and the efforts needed to be in the right direction. Well, I learnt it the hard way – by struggling endlessly. I stretched myself thin and put in my time in all of the wrong places. But along the way, I learnt quite a bit and made sure I recorded whatever I did right.

Through my journey, I barely found people/bloggers who gave me specific advise about how i could actually grow my blog. Everyone gave generic advice like ‘Join twitter, get more followers, build relationships’ etc. No one told me exactly what to do to get more followers, to build lasting relationships, to create valuable engagement.

I knew I could help those who were still struggling or wanted to avoid the struggle altogether so that they could put more of their energy on developing a quality content. And that’s the reason I started this series which was aimed at just one thing:

I’ll give you specific details and direction how you can grow your blog, while you concentrate primarily on developing quality content for your blog. In effect, helping you become an awesome blogger.

Hope that helps. See you around!
– genobz

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